Mother and Fashion Enthusiest

Hi, my name is Heather, creator of String and Parcel Style Project. Fashion is my passion and It is such a pleasure for me to help bring these fashion gems to your doorstep and into your wardrobe. I began this journey years ago selling my own clothing items online and found that there was a real demand for gently worn, high-end attire, as a more cost-effective, sustainable, and frankly accessible alternative. So, I began a new passion, hunting down amazing, pre-owned clothing items to resell on my very own website. I love the items I sell in my store because these are the pieces that inspire me and I hope they will ispire you as well. It brings me great satisfaction when customers reach out and share how much they love their new look! Ultimately, I want to bring joy and self-confidence to those that shop at my store and as you are browsing I hope my store reflects that I value creativity in fashion and I hope to inspire other to be fearless in their own fashion edeavers.